Reptile House Bund Bag


Reptile House Bund Bag


Reptile's House brand was born in the eighties by an idea of iancarlo Nevola. Creative multifaceted, passionate about architecture, art and above all fashion.

After a short period of collaboration with well-known luxury branded Italian brands, he began collecting collections with his own brand Reptile's House

She decides to open the company and the showroom strategically in the center of Milan with production made strictly in Italy. 
The first creations of high quality fashion accessories are the result of the combination of innovation and craftsmanship.

It is immediately visible in a sophisticated but at the same time ethereal and contemporary style, able to surprise, a style loved by a refined, attentive audience who knows how to recognize the quality of the materials. 
Unique and unrepeatable pieces, where raw material acquires coloration, gloss and absolutely extraordinary effects, 
thanks also to innovative hand dyeing techniques or dyeing in the head.

The influences from the artistic world of the Milanese background together with the collaboration with important fashion boutiques are the key ingredients for the success of a brand now no more niche but present in the most beautiful showcases in the world.


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