Temple of the Sun Hammered Gem Bangle

Temple of the Sun Hammered Gem Bangle


Hammered Sterling Silver Bangle with 18k gold setting & 5 London Blue topaz faceted stones with a hand polished inside. This Bangles stands beautifully alone or is complimented with our set of 3 Hammered Silver Bangles.

London Blue Topaz Stones have healing qualities of cooling tempers, calming nerves, and helping with emotional balance and tranquility.  Partly due to its calming and stabilizing ability, coupled with an ability to enhance creativity, this stone is especially good for communication and for artists in all media. 

SIZE: Small to Medium
ELEMENT: Ethical Sterling Silver
FINISH:18K Gold Vermeil
MEASUREMENTS:Inside measures  62mm x outside measures 66mm
STONES:5 x 3mm London Blue topaz stones


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